In life, the simplest things are often the best things, the same goes for smoked meats. Duke’s smoked meats are crafted in small batches and made with simple wholesome and all natural ingredients. Other brands use things like nitrates and erythorbate – you won’t find anything artificial in our all natural smoked meats. The only ingredients in a bag of Duke’s are the same, simple ingredients that you’d find in your kitchen.

Duke’s partners with the broadest and most flavorful ingredient co-brands in the jerky category. This list includes Jim Beam®, FRANK'S® REDHOT®, and Stubb's® BBQ.

Duke’s is proud to be American made with our meats grown on U.S. ranch and farmlands, then smoked in small batches with real hardwood smoke. It’s a craft-made and authentic jerky that’s available at the neighborhood store.

For the love of Jerky.


The BIGS Brothers are crazy about roasting great-tasting sunflower seeds and nothing beats the simple goodness of BIGS®. That's because we select only the biggest and best seeds. Then we flavor them with your favorite ingredients and fire roast them the BIGS signature way. Our seeds are always bigger, always better. We guarantee it one seed at a time. Tear open a bag and Unleash the Flavor!

Choose from our unique, premium flavors such as Heinz® Salt & Vinegar, Hidden Valley® Ranch, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Vlasic® Dill Pickle, Bacon Salt® Sizzlin' Bacon, and FRANK'S® REDHOT® Buffalo Wing!

Tear open a bag and bring on the good times by the handful! It's cool, we'll roast more.

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